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Need a home?

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Local first

Why choose us

At PanelLock Homes, we stand at the forefront of the Prefabricated homes construction industry with a deep commitment to three core values; Community, Quality, and Supporting Local Resources.

We have proven in 2023 that we can deliver large scale projects proudly boasting the completion of 16 homes for Te Runanga Nui O Te Aupouri at the end of February in 2024.

In 2024 we now focus our efforts onto developments in Grigg Street for Kainga Ora and Donalds Rd for Te Runanga O Te Rarawa right here in the heart of Kaitaia!


We support our hapori (community)

With a focus on family, we are proud local employers that provide a safe place for our craftsman to create and learn.

quality & affordable factory built homes

We build our homes inside our factory at 142 North Road Kaitaia, with an average of 6 weeks from start of the build to completed. We aim to construct around 50 homes per year.

kitset options

We can provide a Kitset to anywhere in the country. But we only sell to licensed builders. If you are interested in a PanelLock Kitset, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Kitset Options


We use Juken New Zealand Tri-Board 36mm thick Panels as the Primary Product for our internal & external walls. These are then Primed by us with a special “PanelLock green” blend supplied directly from Aalto Paints NZ. Then we Programe our CNC to cut all the windows, doors, electrical outlets, etc. Our Wall Panel Kit comes with all the necessary fixings and brackets required for assembly.


We use Juken New Zealand Tri-Board 18mm thick Panels as the Primary Product for our Ceiling Panels. These are then Primed by us with a special “PanelLock green” blend supplied directly from Aalto Paints NZ. Then we Program our CNC to cut all the lights, vents etc. 

Internal doors

We supply Internal Doors with the 36mm Door Jam kit specifically designed for our Wall Panels.

Roof Trusses

We are an approved Pryda NZ roof Truss supplier and have the ability to produce roof trusses to suit your unique house design.

Factory Built Homes

6 week turnaround

We operate on a 6 week turnaround inside our factory. 2 weeks of construction, 2 weeks of painting, 2 weeks of subbies finishing off completing Air Con, Carpet, Vinyl, Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Constructed in a controlled Environment

We start the build process in our factory located @142 North Road in Kaitaia, building undercover out of the elements allows us to stick to our timeline without any unforseen setbacks.

Multiple Dwellings

Got something in mind for a large scale development project? Let us know what your address is, how many homes you require, and we’ll be in touch!

Quality Affordable Housing Solution

Drop us an email to see what we can do for you, we specialize in producing multiple dwellings for large scale operations such as Iwi Papakainga developments, & Kainga Ora Housing New Zealand Specified Build requirements.

Industrial Solutions

Office Blocks

Talk to us about designing your office space, our 36mm walls are perfect at squeezing the most useable floor area out of a tight space.

Garage Lining

We have a proven concept for erecting large scale garage and workshops utilising a combination of 36mm wall panels and Glue-Laminated portals, the results are you get a fully erected Shed with the walls lined in 36mm Triabord allowing you to screw in anywhere and make shelving options a breeze.

About Us

Committed to Quality Since 2019

Owned and operated by Luke Matthews in Kaitaia, PanelLock is committed to quality excellence and proving that modern healthy living doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Purchased in 2019 and rebranded to PanelLock, Luke and his team of builders bring over 40 years of experience working with the Tri-board Panel System.

PanelLock was established in 2019 and began constructing a combination of small homes and the occasional spec home using the Triboard panel system. At this stage PanelLock was based out of a small yard in Awanui where there was primarily a focus aimed at on-site erection and assembly. Now proudly operating out of a factory in Kaitaia, PanelLock aims to pump out a higher volume of houses per year.

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Recent Work


“Te Rūnanga Nui O Te Aupōuri partnered with PanelLock on the 16 new home Potahi papakāinga development in Te Kao because we were keen to work with a Te Hiku-based company.”

“The Triboard product was a big reason for partnering with PanelLock. The concept of trees coming out of the Aupōuri forest, processed into Triboard at JNL in Kaitaia then rolling on the back of a truck up to Te Kao in the form of a kāinga is a powerful example of a circular economy in the Far, Far North that benefits our hapori every step of the way.”

Mihi Harris, Programme Manager, Puna Wai Ora

“I had a few options to consider when committing to building my new man-cave up north. Even considered brushing off the old skills of an adult apprentice learned last century and doing a self-build.  Commonsense kicked in and I tweaked a plan off Panellock’s options. Smartest thing I ever did. Could not be happier. Mates that have come to view, visit and connect socially have all been impressed. I’d do it all again without the Covid disruption. In fact, I’m looking at another site to repeat the process. If you are in the market for a new build, check these guys out. You won’t be disappointed”.

Wayne Arthur, Taranaki/Far North.